How do changes in technology impact on the way humans communicate and what are the ethical issues associated?

What impacts has the change of technology had on the way that we, humans, communicate with each other? As technology steam rolls ahead and is forever changing, I, do believe it is having an impact on how society is communicating with one another.

Over the years technology, whether it be smart phones or laptops, has been a major driving force in society and they way in, which we ‘stay’ connected. This drive as been both positive but also negative. Children of the technology age, Digital Natives (see earlier blog) have the world at their finger tips. They are able to communicate with their friends 24/7 through multiple media platforms like Facebook, snapchat or instagram.

But how ‘Social’ are we, communicating this way. Gone have the days where we sit at a cafe and speak to the people that are there with us. But instead the ‘friends’ following our social media sites have more of a connection with us at the cafe, due to the never ending posts, here’s looking at you food posters.

Does this have a negative impact on us, Humans and the way we communicate? Some would say yes, while others have never seen different (digital Natives). When do we get ‘me time’. With technology creeping into our life when is the right time to say NO. Whether it is friend’s texting at all hours, following a celebrities life or emails from work after you have clocked off. This is resulting in us, humans, becoming more stressed and overwhelmed. With a study coming out of the UK stating that one third of people are feeling overwhelmed and stressed from technology.

“Technostress captures all the ways technology causes irritation, frustration, stress, and lack of sleep,”

And believe it or not this is causing our children and teens to feels as overwhelmed as the adults.

But unfortunatly with the size and vastness of the internet, Ido believe that it would be to difficult to police, control and manage all of the ethical issue of the interweb.

Technology has come so far in the past 10 years, I just question, where it will go from here and whats next?


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