Day 1: Trump’s Insulting Ramadan Greeting, Anti-Muslim Hate and Murder in Portland

Friday night, as many of us were praying and marking the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, two young American heroes (Rick Best and Taliesin Namkai-Meche) were brutally murdered, and a third (Micah Fletcher) severely injured, on a Portland train for coming to the defense of two Muslim women.

The perpetrator of the hate crime has been identified as a known white supremacist, and right-wing extremist who was previously filmed giving a Nazi salute while spewing hate speech and shouting racial epithets.

Jeremy Christian at a rally in Portland, Oregon April 2017.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump issued a statement on Ramadan in which he insults Muslims by speaking about an entire religious community strictly through the prism of terrorism and national security.

It is deeply troubling that our president would use a statement intended to promote inclusiveness to perpetuate the false notion that Muslims pose the biggest threat to our society and that Islam is inextricably linked to violence. Ironically, Friday night’s tragedy in Portland adds to the statistic that domestic right-wing terrorists, who have killed hundreds of people since 2007, actually pose a greater threat than violence committed by radical Islamists.

Donald Trump issues a horrifying statement for Ramadan

Despite these realities, the anti-Muslim movement, now firmly entrenched in the Trump administration, continues its incitement campaign against Muslims. This week in New York, hate-activists Pamela Gellar and Milo Yiannopoulos rallied their mobs of white supremacists and bigots to smear and viciously attack leaders such as Linda Sarsour and accusing her of supporting terrorism.

Post-9/11 political bigotry has helped create a right-wing culture of hate and extremism, and unless we push back, the damage will take decades to reverse.

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