Cyclismo Cafe

Steven Jimenez
Mar 15, 2018 · 3 min read
871 Middlefield Rd, Redwood City, CA 94063

A Yelp review isn’t enough, so here is my article on this amazing spot.

As soon as you walk into Cyclismo Cafe, you get this feeling of community and comfort. If you haven’t checked this spot out, then schedule your next date/meeting/social outing here. The three things that I love about this place is the space, the menu, and the community events.

The Space

As a cyclist, this cafe is heaven. As soon as you walk into Cyclismo you are surrounded by the cycling culture. Inside you have bicycles mounted up on the wall and opposite to that wall are large bicycle portraits. Head over to the one corner of the store and you will find that they sell their own shirts and bicycle caps.

The space alone is open and large. You have the choice of sitting outside or inside. The outside seating has couches to lounge on and tables to sit down for some food and drinks. If you bike to the cafe, you can put your bike on a bike rack located in the front. If you want to be outside and in the shade, you can grab a seat underneath their umbrellas.

Hanging Bikes

Upon entering the cafe, you have an open layout with plenty of space to walk around and find a seat. Along the walls, you have seating hooked up with outlet access to charge your mobile devices. A long table in the center of the cafe adds to the communal ambiance. On the tables you will find books available for browsing.

The Menu

All food and beverage options are pretty healthy and are always delicious. My favorite beverage is the Mexican hot chocolate. To eat, I enjoy taking a bite of the Aztec tuna salad sandwich with a side of chips. Overall, their food is really good and always fresh. The coffee is served in a coffee cup for the ultimate experience. There is so much to choose from, so I would suggest checking out their menu.

Community Events

Cyclismo Cafe Team

Follow Cyclismo Cafe on facebook as they post events on their page. On Thursdays they host paint night with a local art group. During the holidays, I walked into a concert where I enjoyed the sounds of a live orchestra. To promote cycling, they host community rides through Redwood City. In the past they have also advertised events like wine tasting, hikes, bicycle workshops, and even electric bike demonstrations.

This cafe is doing more than just serving food and beverages, they are investing in their community and in the residents of Redwood City.


  • Monday 7AM–6PM
  • Tuesday 7AM–6PM
  • Wednesday 7AM–6PM
  • Thursday 7AM–6PM
  • Friday 7AM–6PM
  • Saturday 8AM–8PM
  • Sunday 9AM–6PM

More Photos

Bike shirts & Cyclismo Cafe Swag
Bike Rack

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