Fundraising For The Future of Tech

Steven Jimenez
Jul 13, 2017 · 3 min read
Blatinos Employee Resource Group

On behalf of the Blatinos (SurveyMonkey Employe Resource Group) I would like to thank every donor who contributed to our efforts to support the future of tech. A special shoutout to the leaders at SurveyMonkey (Priyanka Carr, Zander Lurie, Tom Hale, Tim Maly, Christine Rimer, and Becky Cantieri) for helping us reach the finish line and for your continuous dedication to D&I initiatives. Thank you for creating the space to allow for such a result.


Donations: $7,917.16

Our goal was to donate at least $7,000 within two months. At first, it sounded like a ridiculous goal. However with the support from coworkers, family, and friends, the goal was achieved. With the GoFundMe page, we were able to fundraise $3871.58, and $87 on our Blatinos Venmo account. Using SurveyMonkey’s Employee Donation Program, we doubled our fundraising to reach our final donation of $7,917.16

Where Do The Donations Go?

Donations will go directly to support three Code2040 programs:

Fellows Program

This program is an intensive summer program for Black and Latinx (college students from around the nation) looking to take the next steps to launch their career in Tech.

Technical Applicant Prep Program (Tap)

To land an opportunity in the Tech Industry, you need to be prepared with the right experience, network, and confidence. This program seeks to aid young professionals with the resources needed to land their first or next opportunity.

Code2040 Residency

With the help of Google for Entrepreneurs, “Entrepreneurs in Residence” spend a year starting their own company and connecting underrepresented communities to their local entrepreneurial community.

Why Code2040

Code2040 has created a connected and open community that brings tech professionals and eager students together. At SurveyMonkey, we have employees that are either Code2040 alumni or have participated with the organization through other events. Code2040 is one of the driving leaders of change needed in the tech industry and has connected multiple underrepresented innovators to companies around the nation.

Blatinos seeks to create a stronger relationship between SurveyMonkey and Code2040. With a stronger partnership we can potentially bring in more interns and job opportunities to the Code2040 community. With this donation being driven by Blatinos, we hope to bring awareness about who we are as an employee resource group, our purpose of enhancing the workplace with opportunities, and our drive to create a thriving tech community with Black and Latinx innovators.

The Vision

At SurveyMonkey, Blatinos envisions a connected, loving, and abundant world. Starting in May of 2017, we declared that we as a group would lead a fundraising goal of at least $7,000 to support Code2040 and help manifest the future of tech. We believe that as a nation, we can benefit from creating opportunities for Black and Latinx innovators. This is possible by creating the bridge of opportunity into Silicon Valley and other tech hubs in other cities.


Code2040 + The White House

Why the Founders of Code2040 Are Changing the Face of Silicon Valley

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