The Whites

Steven Jimenez
Nov 3, 2016 · 4 min read

I want to help the Whites, but being who I am and how I look how will they understand? The Whites live high in hills where deers prance along the streets, and where the better the view, then the higher in value the homes are. The Whites walk their dogs and play tennis by the park at all hours of the day. On Saturdays and Sundays you can see the Whites waiting in front of their homes as they host their garage sales.

Their community has no crime at all. The Whites have security cameras, an integrated security system, and they have a security gate. Yet with all this security, the car and home doors are kept unlocked. No one really knows the passcode for the security system. Police are never around because there is no need for them. The drugs and violence are kept safe indoors and away from the public. There is law and order in this community and with that comes peace and tranquility.

The Whites can afford the best education there is. Private school is where it’s at, else their other option is public school. Even if students fall asleep in class or are barely passing, there is still the opportunity to get into an ivy league or top notch school. SAT’s and state exams are never a problem because they can afford tutors that will help them figure out how to beat these exams. Student loans? No problem. FASFA application? Absolutely no need, it’s not like they are living in the ghetto.

Getting a job is too easy. With the numerous connections that the Whites have, the opportunities are endless. From internships to part time, or a full time opportunity, there is always someone looking to hire the Whites. As long as there is a great school on that resume and a name that the interviewer can pronounce you are in the clear.

The Whites in the outer cities continue to redline their communities. All I want to do is to buy a home, but I know I’ll keep getting rejected. Now, the inner cities are being taken over by the Whites and thus rent is going up. The Whites are coming into the community, and fertilizing gentrification around every corner that was once the place where everyone hung out. The Whites in the inner cities are suffering from Christopher Columbus syndrome. They take their first steps into the inner cities and believe that they have discovered hidden gems that have been around for years. The Whites seem to want to help our communities but all they do is push us out to another community.

Crime does exist in the inner cities, but I don’t live in fear of getting shot every time I leave my home. Growing up in my community you learn to be quick on your feet and to understand your surroundings better than if you grew up around the Whites. My community may not be the best but I am sure as hell proud to come from my block. There is culture, pride, and many challenges to overcome. Nothing is given to me, instead I work to live better.

The Whites get nervous when I don’t speak english. It is quite funny, because I am never talking about them. I am not planning an attack or revolution, I am simply speaking a different language. Language is part of my identity and I have a right to express myself. On the other hand when I am not in my inner city I am afraid at times to speak a different language. The fear of being harassed verbally or physically.

Education is great if I go to the right school. If I don’t show up to class consistently or if I give no effort to learn, I am then transferred to “the house of fools”. This is a place where students are “rounded up” and put through a special program to help us get by. I can’t afford a tutor because the rent is due, plus I have work after class. I still plan on going to college because it’s the thing you have to do now. SATs is what separates my chances of going to an ivy league university or going to a regular college. School doesn’t prepare me for the SATs because they are too busy trying to focus on state exams. I don’t know what I want to do in life, it’s still up in the air.

Concluding Statements

This quick write up is an exaggeration and a response piece to the obvious “othering” being used by Donald Trump. The idea here was to “other” another group from the perspective of a minority. There are individuals that will not understand why it bothers minorities when you are “othering” them. Then there are white folks that do understand, and have the same struggles that underrepresented communities face today. Crime, drugs, and a poor education exists everywhere including within white communities. So why is Trump making it sound like the Black and Latino communities are the only areas with these problems? Thoughts? Comments?


Steven Jimenez

Written by

New Yorker — Engineer — Music Head — Latino

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