Reading eBooks With BeeLine

Perhaps the most-requested feature we get at BeeLine Reader is the ability to read ebooks with BeeLine. Since our launch, we’ve been building tools to make this possible. With each iteration, our tools become more user-friendly and give users access to bigger ebook platforms. This blog post will tell you all the different ways you can read ebooks with BeeLine.

First up, Kindle books. We are thrilled to finally be able to offer the ability to read Kindle books on iPads, computers, and Windows tablets. Here’s how:

  1. Kindle on iPad: Get the BeeLine Reader iPad app ($5). Tap the “ebooks” button in the upper left. Try out the Kindle feature for free for 3 days, or buy it via in-app purchase ($5). Log in to your Kindle account and read to your heart’s desire!
  2. Kindle on computers: Get the BeeLine Reader Browser Plugin (30 day free trial or $1/mo). Go to and log in to your Kindle account. Get reading!
  3. Kindle on Windows tablets: Same steps as for computer.

You can use the above instructions to read OverDrive books from your local library. When you check out the book, select delivery to your “Kindle Cloud Library,” (instead of directly downloading the epub) and it will show up alongside your other Kindle books. Speaking of libraries, if you live in California, you can get help with BeeLine from your local library. The CA Public Library system uses BeeLine Reader, so many librarians are familiar with how our tools work.

Next, epub books! The ReadMe! app recently integrated BeeLine Reader, so you can now read any DRM-free epub book on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Just download the free ReadMe! app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and turn on the BeeLine Reader feature ($5). You can try the BeeLine feature out for free for a week. Just like our native apps, ReadMe! offers full color customization and many font size options!

If you have PDF ebooks, you can read them with BeeLine too. It’s easy on computers and Windows tablets — just get our PDF Chrome extension ($1/mo)! In the Extension Manager, turn on “allow access to file URL” so that you can open your PDFs by dragging them onto a Chrome window. (With this checkbox disabled, it’ll only work with PDFs you download in Chrome.) If you want to read BeeLined PDFs on your iPad or Android tablet, you can try exporting them via print-to-PDF. This feature isn’t officially supported (it’s a viewer, not a converter), but it works for many PDFs.

Wish you could read other kinds of ebooks (iBooks, Nook, Kobo, etc.) with BeeLine Reader? We do too! Feel free to email or tweet at these guys to let them know you’re interested in getting BeeLine on all your ebooks. Don’t forget to tag @BeeLineReader!

To learn more about BeeLine Reader, check out our website or watch this short video, which was made for us by The Tech Museum of Innovation:

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