How to join the BeeSocials ICO

How to participate in the BeeSocials ICO using MyEtherWallet

Step 1 — Obtain Ether(ETH) from an exchange

(If you already have Ether and a wallet, you can skip Steps 1 and 2).

You’ll need some cryptocurrency in order to participate in the BeeSocials ICO. You can buy Ether at many online exchanges such as or Once you have bought your Ether, you will need to transfer it to another wallet. We recommend you use and this is the one we will be using in the tutorial.

Step 2 — Create your wallet on

Note: You may also use other ERC20 compatible wallets such as MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Parity, etc…

2.1 — Visit , enter a password and click “create new wallet”.

2.2 — Download Keystore File (UTC / JSON) and save the file.DON’T lose this file and DON’T share it to other people. When you finished to save the file, click the “I understand. Continue.” Button.

2.3 — Save your Private Key into txt file. DON’T lose this file and DON’T share it to other people as well. When you finished to save the file, push the “Save Your Address” Button.

2.4 — When the following screen is displayed, you can now open the wallet with your Keystore File or Private Key.

2.5 — When the following screen is appeared, you have completed creating your wallet on MyEtherWallet!

Step 3 — Transfer ETH to myetherwallet

Important: Do not send your ETH from an exchange directly. You must use a wallet that allows you to interact with ERC20 token contracts, so transfer ETH from an exchange to the ERC20 compatible wallet(i.e MyEtherWallet) first. Then you can send ETH from the ERC20 compatible wallet to the BeeSocials ICO contribution address.

Step 4 — Send ETH to the BeeSocials token sale address. Please check the address is correct on the official BeeSocials ICO website at Do not send to any other address!

4.1 — Visit the MyEtherWallet, then click “Send Ether & Tokens”. You may be prompted to login using your saved data or private key.

4.2 — Copy and paste the BeeSocials token contribution address in the “To address” field, enter your amount and use 250000 gas limit.

4.3 — Click send transaction. Double check the details again on the confirmation popup ad click “Yes I am sure, make transaction”. Make sure the details are correct, double and triple check as this cannot be reverted!

4.4 — That’s it, you have now bought BEE tokens!

4.5 — To check your tokens: From the “View Wallet Info” page, select the option “Add Custom Token”. Paste in the BeSocials Token address “” and fill in the Token Symbol as “BEE” and the Decimals as “18” then click “Save”. You should now see your BEE tokens!