Seven Qualities of a Great Preschool
sally madsen

Awesome read! I have toured, visited, and worked in preschools in multiple countries, but am yet to find one that meets all of those ideals (or even most of them and remain affordable).

I would also add… significant outdoor play. There are so many schools that allocate an hour (at most) for unstructured play outdoors.

Why? Because, if kids are playing how can they learn to read?

Why? Because free play doesn’t sell schools or textbooks or learning resources.

Why? Because adults have forgotten how to play. Adults have a fixed mindset that learning should be difficult and difficult can’t be fun.

But, children are primed to learn! They know how to learn and they ENJOY learning. Challenges are sometimes frustrating, but in a playful environment frustration transforms into fun and achievement. In an academic setting, challenges are emotionally draining.

This over-scheduled learning time has been repeatedly proven to be detrimental to children’s learning. It is a tragedy that all over the world early childhood educators and professionals are having to fight for children to have more play time, more joy, and more experiential learning, while policy makers and the education market insist on the opposite.

Let the children play. Let kids be kids.

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