Buy A Watch, Give Back To The Community, Celebrate The Magic Of Arvo Wear

A lot of people want to give back but don’t know how.

“A lot of people want to give back but don’t know how,” says Jake Nackos, CEO of Arvo Wear. “We hoped Arvo would be the platform where we could offer that opportunity.”

Arvo makes philanthropy as simple as buying a classic, sleek time piece. The company donates ten percent of every watch sale to a social cause, such as Operation Underground Railroad or refugee assistance programs.

Three years ago, Nackos had just completed a business management degree and was looking to put his hard-earned skills to use. While on lunch break from his then full-time job, he wandered into a pawn shop and found the watch that all of our grandfathers own. With a brown leather band and gold casing, the watch was the embodiment of timeless, minimal design. Nackos bought the watch, wore it for months until it broke, then decided to sell watches with that same classic design, thereby allowing consumers to give back in a meaningful way that also happens to be affordable and fashionable. Using the $4,500 he had saved, he ordered 500 watches and a brand was born.

Arvo will celebrate its third anniversary on July 2 having sold watches to over 20,000 customers, a growth Nackos attributes to their influencer marketing. If you’re on Instagram, or any corner of the Internet, you’ve seen an influence wearing an Arvo watch. Utah is home to some big names in the blog world, many of whom are advocates for the Arvo brand. “Not only do we connect directly into their following and build some branding, but the influencers brag for us as well,” Nackos says.

Arvo has worked with the who’s who of influencers in our lovely desert and after a while they started to feel like they were using the same bloggers over and over. Nackos and his team wanted to connect with influencers in other places and better manage their collaborations, so they decided to build an app that would allow them to do both. After building the app, they realized it could be an asset to other brands as well and so they launched Collabor8 two months ago in the app store. There are now 4,500 influencers using the app, making collaborations much less of a timesuck and headache for brands.

In both of these ventures, Nackos has found immense support from the community. “I think Utah is one of a kind,” he says. “People want to see you succeed and the ground is pretty ripe to do so.”

Arvo will continue to succeed as they expand into the retail space and the app they’ve built will continue to succeed as influencers take over the world. You know what they say, why build one business when you can build two? Someone says that, right?

Published 6/29/2016