From the Founder: What We’ve Learned On the Road

As we have been out around the country talking with clients and prospective clients, we have learned a lot that will go toward making our team and services even better.

While catching up with them over a beer, a few topics came up that highlight how we’re different from our competitors. We’re very proud of these differences, so I’m posting them here for you:

1. We are industry people who happen to run a Beer Technology company
All told, our BeerBoard team has over 50 years of combined experience within the beverage and restaurant industries. I founded a distributorship; one member of the team spent his career working for a major brewer; others in our sales and support groups have lifetime experience owning and working with bars and restaurants.

BeerBoard actually evolved from my distributorship. I was trying to overcome the scale advantages of the big boys; as a by product of that, we invented a technology that helped us serve our accounts and track inventory without needing a huge sales force. Thus was born the foundation of BeerBoard.

What does this all mean? The BeerBoard platform was designed BY OPERATORS, FOR OPERATORS.

We are industry people who understand the challenges you face on a daily basis. We know what it’s like when a line is foaming, the POS has gone down and the bar back called out for the night.

While I can’t promise we’ll solve every issue you face, our platform WILL help you improve your efficiency and increase revenue. But the next time the bar back calls out, shoot us a text — if we’re in the area, we’ll stop in to lend a hand.

2. We’re not the new kids on the block (but we may have listened to “New Kids on the Block” back in the day)
BeerBoard has been in business for 10-plus years now. In that time, we have grown to the point where we now serve from a single independent running an eight-line bar all the way to the largest chain and commercial groups in the industry.

I have seen other companies in this space with a standard blueprint: come in, splash some marketing around, sell people and then … go out of business. In our years of operation, I have made it a point for our growth to be methodical, with the intent to refine and improve our platform of services.

It is understandable that when taking on a new technology, there can be some hesitation. Due to competition that comes quickly and goes even quicker, a question we hear often is “Are you going to be around?”

My simple answer is: YES.

We continue to prove we are the #1 choice in the industry and we are here to stay. As your business grows, you can plan on us being there to help you along the way — STEP BY STEP.

3. We get personal
The personal connection with our clients starts with how we run our company. We have a dedicated and growing team committed to the industry and our clients. As founder, positively impacting our clients is a passion of mine — and that permeates the culture on how we work daily.

We get to know each client on a personal level: learning their operating structure; regularly interacting with ownership and staff; and reviewing data to help suggest better practices within their draft category. We may even show up to a graduation or staff member’s wedding from time-to-time!

As stated earlier, we are here to help you run a more efficient business and increase revenues. Everything we do revolves around that.

In closing, I invite you to contact us and learn why we’re the best at what we do — the #1 choice in the bar industry. We always love to talk beer and look forward to learning more about your business.

You can reach me at or any member of our team at or 888.298.3641.


Mark Young
Founder / CEO

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