How Did Beer do in the On-Premise over The Fourth? Here’s a Snapshot

BeerBoard’s 4th of July Report featured on “Beer Business Daily”

July 14, 2017
Excerpt from Beer Business Daily

We don’t have any scan data for the Fourth of July to bring you just yet, but we do have a little look at how beer performed in the on-premise over the holiday with BeerBoard’s latest Pour Report.

As we’ve said in the past, BeerBoard’s “Pour Report” is by no means a definitive reading for the holiday, but it does provide a quick snapshot of what’s happening in the channel. Recall that the digital analytics/menu board company monitors more than 50,000 draft lines and 35,000 products at large on-premise retailer clients across America, like Buffalo Wild Wings, Applebee’s BJ’s and more. So here’s what they saw.

The top seven styles poured on the Fourth this year, based on same-store, same-brand pour volumes, were the same as last year, according to the report. That list looks like this:

1. Light Lager
2. American Lager
3. IPA
4. Witbier
5. Fruit beer
6. Euro lager
7. American Amber lager

We started to see some movement after the top seven, however, with American Pale Ale, climbing up five spots from last year (13) to number eight this year — marking the biggest leap overall in styles.

American Pale Wheat and Kolsch saw a nice little bump in this year’s rankings as well, with American Pale Wheat moving up three spots to number 13 this year, and Kolsch jumping four places to number 21.

BeerBoard also offered some interesting stats on certain brands’ performance over Independence Day.

For instance, Modelo Especial — the number one beer poured in California “for a good period of time” — took a backseat to Blue Moon in the Golden State for the day, according to BeerBoard.

Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy was the 12th most popular beer poured over the holiday, and cracked the top five in the Great Lakes region, coming in at number four.

Stella Artois moved up four spots this Fourth to become the eighth most popular brand poured in 2017 and the Belgian import really rolled in the Northeast, holding the number three spot in the region.

But the “biggest climber among brands” came from Founders All Day IPA. All Day jumped 36 spots this Fourth to move to the number 33 rank.

About BeerBoard
BeerBoard monitors over 50,000 draft lines and 35,000 products through its Integrated Beer Management and Guest Display System. Installed at thousands of client locations, its services include SmartBar, which generates pour data and trend-driven analytics, BeerBoard Display, a digital consumer-facing menu display, BeerBoard Menu, automated print and website menus, and a consumer mobile application. The company services high profile independent groups and major chain clients throughout North America, including Buffalo Wild Wings, Hooters, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, Twin Peaks and Applebees.

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