Keeping Your Draft List Current Means $$$$

Best Practices

We’ve all been there — sit down at a bar to grab a beer. Scanning the bar for the draft list — and it may come in various forms: digital display, chalkboard, print menu, app — there are too many bars with incorrect or out-of-date draft lists.

No matter how you currently present your draft list (and we have thoughts on that), know this:

Keeping your draft list current means increased revenues. In simple terms: $$$$

Looking at data for our clients’ draft category, we found locations featuring up-to-date menus see an average increase of 10% in craft and import sales. Promote those brands by another means on than just the menu, and those brands grow by as much as 90%.

Those are real dollars your store(s) could be losing out on — all for not keeping your list current.

We understand the challenges of an updated beer list, especially in the age of 40+ tap counts and constant rotators on your lines. Using a centralized management tool, like that featured by BeerBoard, help to streamline that process and minimize steps involved with cumbersome chalkboards, print menus and posts to web and social media.

No matter the means of management you currently use, just make sure to keep those draft lists current.

It all comes down to $$$$ and ¢¢¢¢.

Examples of BeerBoard Display and BeerBoard Print Menu (with complete beer listings) are found below. For more information on our Integrated Beer Management & Guest Display System, visit us at

BeerBoard Display | Hogshead Tavern (New York City)
BeerBoard Print Menu | Mugs Ale House (Brooklyn, NY)