Are you Smarter than a Brewmaster?

It’s the 21st century and it seems that technology rules the world in the form of apps on smartphones and tablets worldwide. From Facebook to Tinder, apps have managed to completely seize our A.D.D.-like attention spans. Bright colors, daily challenges, and scoreboards lure us in as we strive to be the very best like no one ever was. Call it Ash-Ketchum syndrome, but if we take a hard look in the mirror, it’s true, we want to be the best PERIOD.

Thankfully, the developers behind “Beat the Brewmaster” have allowed users the potential to be the very best at beer related trivia rather than developing their color coordinating skills with pointless games such as color switch. The game includes a trivia section where players earn points based on correct answers; the more questions you answer correctly, the higher you place on the global leaderboard.

Also included in the game play are over 48,000 beers, which are placed into 3 levels of sensory trivia (Enthusiast, Pro, and Master). This is the true reason why the app was created, so listen up! Simply select the beer you’re currently drinking, challenge the brewmaster in evaluating the details of the beer, and earn points based on your level of correctness.

So you may be wondering, who exactly is this “brewmaster” we are challenging?!? The brewmaster is the brewer of the beer you are drinking. Decide to evaluate Delicious IPA by Stone Brewing Company… you might just be challenging the famous Greg Koch. Good luck with that one…

Thus far, around 90 breweries have signed up so far to be part of the challenge trivia and this is the apps first month in the apple/android store. This app has a lot of potential allowing craft beer fans to feel connected to their favorite breweries as they develop their beer judging skills.

What are you waiting for!?! Go and download this awesome app now!! Challenge the brewmaster and climb the leaderboard in your quest to drink ’em all!! And if you see BeerTv on the leaderboard, good luck passing us!!

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“It’s all fun and games until the beer runs out.”

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