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Do you like craft beer? Are you poor? Are you too lazy to get off your butt and look up where breweries and brew stuff is? Then boy do I have an app for you. The Home Brewers Association just came out with a new phone app called the BrewGuru. This handy little app can show you all the things you are too lazy to look up separately like where to buy more hops if you are a home brewer. It can also show you where there are craft breweries near you and where you can get deals on craft beer.

The app will even filter out silly little places like a “BJ’s “Brewhouse” because we all know that’s not craft beer. The face of the app even has a neat little “guru” guy with a hop cone for a beard which is kinda cute. The app is totally free and was created by the American Homebrewers Association to help people to do beer better which is always nice to see in a world where people seem to be out for themselves and none else.

So quickly make haste and run over to the app store to download the app so you will finally be cool and really accepted into the friend group you always wanted to be a real part of. All your friends will grow green with envy and follow the trend you set giving you some social points for about a week until it becomes old news and the next shiny nonsense rolls along sucking up everybody’s attention and making your contribution forgotten despite the fact that you will think about it for the next month as it gave you a fleeting sense of importance and acceptance.

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