On Mocking Dying Working Class White People
Matt Stoller

It’s not clear to me how it’s going to be possible for Democrats to broadcast a conservative message — “the importance of personal responsibility” — to some voters without broadcasting the same message to all voters. In fact, that message is an assault on the very notion of universal benefits, which liberals used to stand for:

In other words, contra Rich, the idea that benefits should be earned through personal merit must die. Such framing enables those in power to be selective about social programs, which ends up hurting workers and poor people of all races.
When it comes to the necessities of life, the Left should insist that virtue has nothing to do with it.
Trump voters deserve health care because everyone deserves health care; Medicare for All is the only way forward.

Exactly. Presumably, Frank would argue against Medicare for All because Trump voters are unworthy of it. After all, why throw those people in steerage a life-jacket when you’re trying to teach them a life lesson about dying? But is the destruction of universal benefits really the best party-rebuilding strategy for Democrats?

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