BeeGame. Earn ethers playing!!!

PC Web Game based on Ethereum smart contracts.

Currently, it works on the main network and the robsten / rinkeby test network. You can use metamask plugin in Chrome or Firefox

Knowing that there are many people who do not know how to create an Ethereum wallet to play with Beether, I made a video that explains the process.

The rules are the next:

1.-Buy pollens, remember that to pollinate a cell at least you have to use three pollens, the more you buy the more you can play and the more you earn.

2.-Look for a free cell and start pollinating by clicking with the mouse … When you pollinate one cell, of the three inverted pollens, two pollens will be sent to a pollinated adjacent cell randomly and one pollen to the parent cell of this.

3.-With the pollens earned, sell them and win ethers, transfer them to another bee or continue pollinating … CAUTION! If you have pollens in your unused account, the queen of the hive can apply a tax when time is fulfilled and pollen removed.

SURPRISE! By pollinating, you can gain free cells and multiply the distribution you receive from the daughter cells by multiplying 1x, 2x, 3x and 5x.

How much can you earn at the most by pollinating a cell and pollinating those around you?

- 18 pollens if you do not have a free cell.

- 20 pollens if you get a free 2x cell

- 24 pollens if you get a free 3x cell

- 28 pollens if you get a free 5x cell

You can monetize your investment more than NINE times!