Set yourself to be the pilot of your life; stop being the passenger.

My review in London Real’s Life Accelerator course.

How many times we have an amazing idea which does not even leave the secure walls of our head to be put on a paper? And how many times we actually take action on it but the motivation to take it further lasts for just two days?

In my own experience the answer to the above used to be “always”… until now. Going through the six weeks of the Life Accelerator program has given me a new perspective on what I’m capable of achieving and on how to overcome many of my limitations. Although I have a long way to go, the foundations for an improved version of myself have been definitely set and I am looking at the challenges to come with much more confidence than ever. And the reason for this confidence is to know that I can create the changes that i need; I have created them over the last six weeks.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going” (Jim Rohn)

So the Life Accelerator is based on working on a series of habits, three new ones each week, for six weeks in a row and with the support of a group of fifty odd people who hold you accountable for keeping up to it. Each week’s habits add onto the following week ones, in a way that you keep adding new practices to your daily or weekly routine in a much easier manner than it would be going straight into them, and by yourself. The members are connected via a private Fecebook group through which everyone can give support to each other as well as voicing their struggles, limitations and celebrating their achievements. Also the attendance to two weekly live calls with the four coaches and the creator of the course, Brian Rose, are great to keep everyone going, motivated and challenged enough.

Sure many of us have tried to work before on those habits that we know highly successful people have practiced for long time, but the thing is sticking to them is so bloody difficult by yourself. The thing with the Life accelerator is that you don’t just learn about those habits, but also you start incorporating them into your life from day one of the course. And guess what? The fact that you have a bunch of people inspiring you and waiting to see your progress makes you take action like no other program before. That is what the course does: hold you accountable and give you the opportunity to hold other people accountable for their success too. And a secret note to this is that helping others along the way has a massive impact on how you help yourself overcoming your own barriers.

I read somewhere that the difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do. So if thinking about bold or long term goals can set anyone into a slightly anxious state of mind, I would say that working on the habits of successful people on a daily basis is the way to go. A day at a time is so much more achievable. And then a week. And then a month.

The best thing to take at the end of the program is different for each member of the course, however no one had a doubt in this Life Accelerator that having a network of like-minded people around to inspire you and to give you the accountability that it is based upon, has been imperative for all of us achieving what we have achieved. I personally take with me the significant benefits that meditation has brought me over the last six weeks and the meaningful moments, some quite difficult and some truly special, I have dared to share with some of the key people in my life. Once again, this is what this program gives you, a constructive kick in the arse to get you started with being the pilot of your own life.

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