Why Telling Your Startup Story is Important

Every startup has its own story, but why is it important to tell people your startup story?


Your startup story is the drive of your startup’s personality and that is something that is embedded into your branding. A major reason why customers follow your startup is because they like your company’s personality and the way you engage with them.


One of the most important aspects of telling your startup story is to be transparent. AirBnb’s startup story is one of true transparency; starting in 2007 as a way to rent out air mattresses in their flat so they could afford to pay rent. In 2008, AirBnb founders sold Obama O’s to help self-fund their startup until they found an investor. This startup story has helped AirBnb become what it is today. Customers can relate to their story and with that the AirBnb sharing community was born.


The aim of your startup story should be to engage with your potential customers. It’s your startup’s chance to explain your values, mission and why you are selling your product or service.

Social Value

Too often you will see companies using social media as a means of distributing their content without realising that social media is a two-way conversation. Learn to natively story-tell on each of your social platforms as a way to engage with your customers.

What are you thought on this? We would also love to hear about your startup stories.

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