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This year has shown what a critical role creativity plays in our lives. It helps us connect with each other — even remotely — and it’s our goal at Behance to bring creatives together. Our community of over 24 million creatives around the world is more active and connected than ever before, and more creatives are being discovered on Behance every day.

That’s why we’re putting an increased focus on the community aspect of our tools and services to help you connect and collaborate with one another, learn from each other, and expand your skills.

Livestreaming For All

Today, we’re excited to launch livestreaming from Photoshop on iPad and the brand-new Illustrator on iPad, giving even more people a platform to share their creative voice. We’re also expanding streaming from Adobe Fresco globally, so anyone can stream their drawing and painting process regardless of language or location. …

Each month we invite a creative to curate our social feed for one week. We spoke with this October’s Guest Curator Stormy Nesbit about her illustrations and her journey into livestreaming her creative process.

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As a toddler, Stormy Nesbit could often be found with a marker or crayon in her hands. “I was even caught chewing on them from time to time,” she admits, so it’s only natural that she went on to pursue a creative career.

Stormy followed her brother’s advice to pursue graphic design, and fell in love with the process and the art of the discipline. She received her degree in graphic design from West Virginia University and a Master’s in Visual Communication from Arizona States. …

Each month we invite a creative to curate our social feed for one week. We spoke with this month’s Guest Curator Maddy Beard about her creative career and the inspiration behind her moodboard.

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“When I think back to where my creativity started, I think of two very different things: watching my older sister create incredible, expressive art, and wanting so badly to be like her,” shares Colorado-based UX designer and Adobe Creative Resident Maddy Beard.

But unlike her sister, Maddy’s perfectionistic tendencies held her back from free creative expression. …



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