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Behind the Boîte gets sickness-sidelined

2016 slaps us in the groin & runs away giggling


Hi friends. January hasn’t been a particularly easy month here at BtB. In a word: illness — it’s been a month of illness. Three straight weeks of it, in fact. And even though we managed to get our main interviews in the can despite it, I’ve been fighting off serious fever dreams for the last three nights straight. The three nights that are always reserved for putting together our publishing week content.

And they weren’t fun fever dreams, by the way.

I really shouldn’t have binge-watched The Jinx.

Long story short, three weeks of illness — coupled with some unforeseen technical difficulties relating to both audio and visuals, areyoueffingkiddingmeeven — has made hitting January’s end-of-month deadline basically impossible.

Which is a total bummer, because we already took December off as a kind of holiday treat to ourselves.

But! Can’t get down on that which we cannot control! Instead, we choose to see this thusly (which is a tricky thing to say three times fast): February — arguably the shittiest month of them all — will now be Super Double Digest Month at BtB!

Side note: Anyone remember how awesome the Archie Double Digests were? Like, how exciting it was to have your mom buy you one from the checkout aisle at the grocery store, especially if you were on a road trip or something? Just like a regular Archie comic, but twice as much!… Sorry guys, I clearly miss writing a lot right now. Indulge meeeee.

Super Double Digest Month means February will bring you TWICE the stories! TWO Boîte To Go’s! TWO The Professionals interviews! TWO LONG-ASS, AWESOMELY PERSONAL FEATURES!

How excited are you? As excited as I am at the prospect of challenging myself to write twice as much in a month that’s shorter than the rest? Not bloody likely! (Although 2016 is a leap year, isn’t it? Everything’s comin’ up Marta now, you guys.)

So apologies from me, Marta, creator, writer, and editor at Behind the Boîte for this unforeseen delay, and especially so many thank-you’s to those who were supposed to be our January subjects for being so incredibly gracious and understanding about having their stories pushed to next month. You easily could’ve been dicks about it but you weren’t, not even a tiny little bit you were awesome and offered to hand-deliver pickled Iranian garlic to my home to help me heal true story it happened.

Cherish your health, guys. At the end of the day, it’s truly, truly the only thing that matters.

Now go hug someone you love! We’ll see you jokers next month!

Taken back in the ’70s. Jokes! It was the ‘60s.

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