Having It All Kinda Sucks

Wounderfull story. I wish polish politicians could read this. Maybe someone in my country finally starts to think that giving 500 PLN (about 150$) for 2nd and every further child IS NOT the way to encourage women to have more babies.

What I think at this point is, woman is penalized everywhere: by State, by Church, by friends, by colleagues, by boss no matter what decision she made. And she must face consequences of her decision alone. If she bear a child — it’s wrong (“why you don’t want to have more children?”) if she make abortion — she’s condemned (“you are sinner, it’s agains will of God”). Altair and Throne both requires of her to be heroic and how many of us are true superhero? And even life of superhero can be sad and terrible as shown “Jessica Jones” ;)

I wonder why it’s so difficult in States to make federal legislation for maternal leave payment. This should be first step, then to reform tax system etc etc. We in Poland lacks of good system and that’s why our women prefer to found families in UK.

Wounderfull article, but very sad — I wish you good luck, though.