Untitled (is it?)| WordShot #2/365

Earlier in the evening, I finished a mental writing draft on gratitude. The whole day passed with greatest awareness of thankfulness in my heart. It was easier to navigate through the deftly moving thoughts on myriad of issues to think of a whole piece on gratitude than to decide an appropriate headline.

Should it be The Purple Bloom — based on the newly added emoji which signifies ‘gratitude’ in my FB profile today? Scattered and standing out amid the anxious, the self-absorbed, and the instant gratification seeking activities, it highlighted the unadulterated spaces in human hearts. These reminded me of the Neeli Gulmohar (Blue Jacaranda) that I found on various patches during a car ride from Delhi to Himachal Pradesh in April 2017. On the sidewalks and the distant fields around hasty Highways, the bumpy narrow lanes, unsmiling toll booths, and construction diversions, these carefully sprinkled purple beauties calmed my heart greatly on that summer afternoon. It was a beautiful feeling to be reminisced.

The other title suggestion was — The Green Cradle — based on the one of the Aloe Vera leaf kept in my room? In the fickle summery weather, the beautiful green natural cover with little white scales on the sides has been protecting the leaf’s precious fleshy content since last ten days. Two days ago, I had made a small cut at the tail of the leaf to use a little piece of the leaf. And with every passing moment, the leaf kingdom decided to use its totipotency to heal the cut corners of the leaf. Bit by bit, they rallied the tail and sew it perfectly to make it one with what was inside. I was so amused by the tenderness and efficiency of nature to protect its beings. Apart from providing its healthy offerings, this leaf could also inspire someone to write.

I am immensely grateful at the moment. I would write the final draft some other day and let this piece be just about the symbolically gratifying titles. The ones which made me a little more mindful today about little beauties in life.

To trigger mindfulness — isn’t this the beauty of gratitude.

Thus, in the spectrum of emotions, gratitude is my favourite one. Grief brings mindfulness too but painfully; happiness tends to let us loosen the grip on mindfulness. But gratitude brings mindfulness and allows one to experience joy in realising the beauties within and around.

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Wordshot — a verbal description of moments/feelings/thoughts to capture them. I hope to become better at writing and better at experiencing moments with one Wordshot at a time. This is the first post in the series. Your reactions and feedback are most welcome :)