News from the Clouds — 4 May

03 May 2015

Software vulnerability in 787 would cause “unscheduled descent”

Last week the FAA issued a memo explaining that a bug in the systems responsible for generating power in a 787 could lead to all four engines simultaneously powering-off. If this happened in-flight it would lead to loss of control of the aircraft. Interestingly, the situation only eventuates if the engines are left running for more than 248 days. As with most technical problems, switching the engines off and on again (before the big day) will fix it.

Dropbox and Twitter “moving” to Ireland

Following in the footstops of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Adobe, Dropbox are setting up international headquarters in Ireland.

There are probably various reasons for this, including privacy concerns and the availability of cheap tax rates. Twitter in particular have stated that this will make them subject to the EU’s Data Protection Directive.

The damage being done to American businesses by the snoopiness of the NSA is so great it’s hard to measure. The legal provision for much of this surveillance expires expires in June this year. The ACLU says Congress should not renew this legislation and “let it die”.

And lastly, a couple of oops-a-daisies

Last week Instagram forgot to renew their SSL certificate which brought their service down world-wide for some of the day on Friday.

Hackers managed to steal around $5,000,000 dollars from RyanAir’s bank account. RyanAir are being tight-lipped about how they actually managed to do this.

Originally published at on May 4, 2015.

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