Think before you share

Like everyone else, I have been spending the last two years of my life trying to get my shit together. Like everyone else, I have dreams and aspirations. Like everyone else, I spent most of my time thinking about how useless and empty life has become since I saw Baahubali — the beginning. Like everyone else, my life hasn’t been the same since that day and the emptiness of not knowing katappa ne baahubali ko kyu maara keeps eating me from inside. Like everyone else, my life finally found its purpose on April 27th, 2017.

The Facebook embargo preceding the release of Baahubali 2 was second only to the drop in the use of Facebook during Game of Thrones seasons. More than wanting to know the secret of Katappa ne Baahubali ko kyu maara, it felt like people were queuing up in front of the theaters only to post why the unspeakable tragedy happened.

Hilariously enough, I did not see one such post. I was proud. I was exhilarated. I was out of this world like the movie itself. But my pride was short-lived. Firstly, because I realized a 5-year-old kid told me once alle uski mumma ne bola usko isliye, nahi maanega to maalegi. So, the secret was un-facebook-postable. But, soon after the first day collections were out, this popped up on my wall.

There are so many things about this post that make me chuckle — the apostrophecal blunder in GODS, the do-not-insult-hindu-gods-others-are-fine rhetoric, the ironic say-no-to-sold-media watermark. Although what troubles me about it is the willingness or perhaps sheer absent mindedness of the people posting this.

I then thought it takes just one touch on Facebook to share a post these days. It could have been a mistake or they cannot possibly think that one touch is all it takes to prove the might of God.

I lost my mind when I received the same post as a forward with updated statistics (which were also wrong by the way) on Whatsapp. Somebody read it, copied it and sent it out to people personally. Enough is enough.

Let me first break down the illogical mathematics of this post. The first day collections for any movie is dependent on number of screens it was released with and of course the ticket price. PK released with 5000 screens whereas Baahubali 2 released with 9000. PK was released in 1 language whereas Baahubali 2 in 4 languages. The ticket prices for Baahubali 2 were abnormally high averaging close to Rs.500 whereas normally the tickets cost an average of Rs.100. A wider audience, more screens to show the movie on the first day, abnormal price of tickets and of course the katappa-ne-baahubali-ko-kyu-maara frenzy were the reasons of the unusually high business of the movie. (Source: Google karo. Achchhi aadat hai.)

Before I proceed, let me say that I am a huge fan of these movies. The cinematic brilliance, never-before VFX, the sheer grandeur of Rajamoulli’s imagination, a terrific screenplay, Prabhas’ and Rana’s acting are few of the many fantastic aspects of the movie series. Needless to mention, the success of the movies opens up a new genre for Indian Cinema and I can’t wait to watch Mahabharata at this grand scale. If anybody should be insulted with such posts, it should be the people who put tremendous hard work and cinematic talent into these movies.

Coming back to the oh-so-powerful post, I can think of only two reasons for sharing it.

1. We genuinely believe in the post:

If that’s the reason, then here is the thing. Somewhere in our mind we believe this is what happens on one of the clouds:

If you don’t find me alive in a few days, you know why now.

The second plausible reason would be:

2. Somehow sharing this post lets us get back at people for liking PK and OMG:

The point is… This entire time what I am trying to say is… What I really mean is… From the bottom of my heart what I think is… THINK BEFORE YOU SHARE. Soch lo yaar thoda. If it comes down to arguments like the Baahubali post to prove a point, we have taken a wrong turn somewhere. Let’s walk back to it. Let’s read more. Let’s understand more. Let’s think more. Let’s think more. Thinking leads to reason. Reason helps us survive, not Religion. REASON HELPS US SURVIVE.

If this story made you think and you like it, comment, share, like, the usual. Spread the word.