On my mind today

  • Equal Pay is coming up! (April 12) According to NY Mag’s Rebecca Traister, single women make up the most powerful voting constituency in this election cycle. Pay equity, paid family leave, higher minimum wage and affordable health matter to constituents like they never have before.
  • Foreign Policy Editor’s Roundtable. This podcast blows my mind every week and I often find myself agreeing audibly while I listen. This week David Rothkopf and the crew discussed Latin America (often ignored by the media) and President’s Obama’s foreign policy legacy.
  • Possible 4-to-4 tie in Supreme Court on birth control. Does the ACA requirement violate the rights of religious institutions? No. Employers should not dictate a woman’s health.
  • Libra Lunar Eclipse. Mystic.
  • Sharing this Quartz article titled, “Privilege is what allows Sanders supporters to say they’ll ‘never’ vote for Clinton,” with all my Bernie-Sanders-supporting friends.