It’s Time We Change the Verbiage

The use of the name Obamacare being used in place of the Affordable Care Act will only continue to serve as ammunition for repeal of a law that clearly benefits all Americans. As long as MSM and the rest of us continue to use this term, those who DESPISE President Obama and blame him for the sky having a cloud in it, will not change their focus regarding what needs to be changed to continue making progress to making healthcare more affordable. I co-create with all of you our reality. I love a quote from Mahatma Gandhi that begins with “Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words.” When the most conservative among us think about healthcare in any term they automatically think “Obamacare” and maybe just making a Dr.’s appointment could trigger a subconscious thought about Obamacare. Unfortunately, their logical minds do not lead to: why do drug companies charge so much? They don’t have thoughts about why Congress doesn’t do something to regulate the drug companies. They think Obama-Obamacare which could lead to any and all area’s of their life they are unhappy about. It’s because there is a deafening,loud echo of conservative radio, TV, websites, which even with Trump and Republican Party ruling the majority law of our government, are still ingraining into them: it’s all Obama’s fault.

I strongly feel that every single one of us need to begin to change our WORDS so that America can begin to live the present.It’s not because I am ashamed of the GREAT strides President Obama made with The Affordable Care Act. It’s because the reunification of America needs to begin. I am on the side of the United States of America and Hate is not defeated with hate (or pride). I LOVE my fellow Americans, I believe in what President Obama believes in and taught us: Change. Positive change. He taught us to believe, to know, in everything :YES, WE CAN! I don’t mind calling the healthcare law that an amazing President passed into law by its name. I am choosing to use words that speak of things as what they actually are! The healthcare law is called: The Affordable Care Act.