I love to read more then to write, but some time, it’s very hard to digest what I’m reading, from the day #bjp formed government, every one is trying to justify himself or herself as patriots, Army officers, media, Hindu, Muslim all are writing anonymous letters, open letters and our fools are ranking those pages and fwdng them to mobile and whatsapp too.

What will Happen by copy pasting, forwarding, sharing, are you sharing that you build something, No a big NO.

We are getting IT layoffs, disrespected overseas. Still working for those.

Why and till when this will go on, we have to find ways to modernise our social structure, why snapchat CEO says very Harsh, indeed I didn’t like it too, but really it’s sad reality. We have everything but afraid of doing something by own.

Is this the way we are going to be #digitalindia no we can’t, and never will be, until and unless we develop, create and reach at core level of everything we can’t do.

Japanese works more then 18 hours after nuclear attacks, they sleep while traveling, and make small hotels room only for sleeping nearby office.

Why they worked so hard, what is their need to work so hard, you will never understand.

They made everything from pen to ship in-house. And we all use what they created, even whole world liked it.

By this they earned a lot.

We are living in a society where our teachings and thinking will change our future generations.

From lakhs one do something good, is not appreciable, when 80%-90% will do good then I can clap.

Stop wasting your time, start focusing.

Everyone is not IIT or IIM, stay dedicated, learn excellence, and start doing unmatchable things which will last forever.

Stop being followers, let people follow you. Don’t argue with nonsense things going on surroundings. Build 👆 something good. Earn money 💰 which will let you do other things.

I’m from rural background, never gave any govt exam to get settled,no ssc, no Cgl , nor will do, just learn something what really matters to me, now I know who are players in my field at India level and international level, all know me at India level, very soon will reach international level, visited overseas with own earned money for business.

Having 500+ boys network in India in each city. You just name the city and I have my boys there.

So these all things needs what, no money, no investment, only your dedication, mobile, internet and laptop.

Don’t listen to media,facebook, whatsapp, don’t waste your time. Just start doing something 👉 with an earning 💰 as pennies soon it will convert in hundreds, thousands, and millions.

Honesty, is the key 🔑.


Avtar Singh Bainsla

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