In Vehicle Video Recording Scenario in India | Jugaad vs IPR-m-DVR

The story starts few years back, when a incident happen in haryana in school bus where the school bus met with an accident and the children from 4–10 years died on spot. It shocks the transport system of the schools and the pressure on the govt led to an announcement for every school to have Video Recording system and GPS Vehicle tracking system.

It’s the moral of the announcement but the actual announcement is to have PTZ camera in school bus with a recording of 30 days. i read the announcement and search for the PTZ camera, the PTZ camera costs nearly 30000k-50000k with the NVR or DVR no the question comes is school ready to pay this huge amount for a single bus ?

The answer is a big NOOO. The school buses gets permit to drive on road once a year they have to go to the RTO passing, at that moment only they need the camera after that they unplug the camera and do the same installation in another buses that y we called it as JUGAAD of our nation unless they are getting huge amount as fees and development charges from the parents. This doesn’t stop here only companies who are installing CCTV cameras in home, office start installing the same set of cameras in school buses also some start installing cameras only for the passing of the vehicle and start their renting of DVR and cameras for passing.

No one cares about the safety of the children the scenario remains the same. As the companies who are installing cameras in school buses got their payment and relieved. School happy , Installer happy and RTO too happy to pass such vehicles having camera.

But how many days the camera worked, 10 days -15 days maxm 2 months after that daily complaints of non working of cameras as nobody thinks that the vehicle moves and whenever it moves it feels jerks, brakes, which turn down the hard disk in the dvr not to function properly. Companies start losing clients and schools start losing their faith in camera installers. then who is the faulty ? school who pays less or the company who install cameras without knowing where they are installing or the GOVT who introduces the Notice without knowing how it would be done in moving vehicles.

Story turning again to the starting point that how to install camera in a vehicle.

Now a days any vehicle running on road having cameras are the cameras that that are installed in homes. Dome Cameras with IR LED night vision. I don’t understand they are so huge that anybody can see them and cover them very easily if wants to do something illegal.

This complete mix-up jugaad led me to develop a camera for vehicles which is hidden, separate from DVR and Record everything in FULL HD. Now its your choice that where you want to see inside/outside of the vehicle. & it works great.

What i can guarantee you is “ have this product in your hands and go to any where nobody will say that this is not a good product” they will applaud you for giving them such a nice product.

See the daytime Video Clarity.

See the Night Video Clarity.

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