Why am I Using This Shitty iPhone 4?
Hank Green

You read my mind Hank — I’m also getting tired of playing catch-up due to software ‘up grades’ that instead of improving my work performance slows it down! I finally get my aging head around the new lot, when another lot replaces it claiming it’ll improve things -nup not true just rejigging and relocating shit just forces the relearning which is so tedious. I finally up graded my old Nokia dino-phone cc 2008 to a Samsung ‘cheap as I could get paying out right’ but that was only after the old phone finally gave up. I enjoy my new phone, but now I have it mastered there is no way I’d fall for the new blingy designed obsolescent models — I will always be one for being dragged into the future kicking and screaming because — silly me I’ve got better things to donate my time, brain and money to — like decreasing world suck!