Sometimes you fight to be listened to. Sometimes you struggle to raise your voice and be taken into account. Sometimes, you do not see the outcomes of your efforts...but most of the times, my friend, results take time. I am not talking about days, weeks or even months. Results may take years.
I heard, once, this analogy about an arrow and a bow. The more the arrow is pulled back, the further it will reach when shot.
Sometimes, when you start questioning what the purpose is, of all your work, when you start questioning your value, when you are about to give up, right then, things fall into place to prove that it was all worth it. It does not need to be a higher salary or a professional promotion. It may be a moral payment, through which the right person at the right time makes you realize you are on track. Those who work to make a difference, those who want to contribute to a better world, those who aim at becoming better experts to be able and serve the values they believe in : DO NOT GIVE UP. When the world seems to try and murder idealism, when the direction of global affairs frustrate your expectations of a better and safer future for the individual...then, keep your ideals up. It is precisely then when idealism must prevail. There are many people who believe in the same you do and want to contribute to it. Think of what worries you the most. It might be poverty, gender equality, climate change, international terrorism...each of us have a way to help the cause to some extent. You just need to find your way and adapt your capabilities to do so, always developing your skills to make it better every day.
It might not be easy, but if you are determined to give what it takes, you will definitely make a difference.

I have always believed in the goodness of cultural dialogue. Always believed it is through knowledge of other cultures how we enable ourselves to establish tighter bonds with others. An open-minded approach and tolerance, a willing to learn from others and listen to different perspectives bring us together.
Yes, we are all different, and different cultures do have contrasting views of a same issue. The base, the starting point is TOLERANCE. The world has traditionally developed following principles of national supremacy and sovereignty. It all comes from the emphasis on NATION and what this concept has rooted within societies. Nationalism makes us selfish. Flags and national boundaries create WALLS between us. However, the world is changing. How about really adapting to new global challenges and changing strategies? How about considering ourselves HUMANS? How about bringing up a new system in which the main goal is the security of the individual? how about learning to respect each other, with no regard to religion, political ideologies, color or gender ? 
Here, you have, my ideal. And here, my tool: EDUCATION. Education based on HUMAN VALUES such as RESPECT, TOLERANCE, ADAPTABILITY.
Let's see how far the arrow gets in the end.