Hello fren, It’s 6 in the morning here and I haven’t slept all night. I was feeling restless and scratched all over my body (you probably know better) in this scorching heat in India. I wanted to sleep more but I wanted to write too. I had put up my favorite band’s songs as alarm to remind me of what I have to accomplish so here I am writing to you.

There will be many moments when you’ll feel you haven’t rested enough or the resources does not support you, maybe you’ll think that you don’t have the money to be as successful as people are around you but these are all excuses made by our subconscious brain and you have to get over them. Our brain thinks what we let it think. The way we accept life will truly and completely reflect in ideas and opportunities our brain tend to explore.

I personally sometimes feel while writing that ideas will come naturally to me and thus I stop trying to ask myself right questions. I own a ukelele and wanted to write my own song but somehow my brain has always convinced me that it’s too difficult so I haven’t tried hard enough yet. (While writing this article I am concurring how my brain had been fooling me and what was the reason I was never motivated to try hard enough)

All I understood and want you to understand is as soon as you start to think positively, imagine every second as a different opportunity maybe the billion dollar idea is waiting to be think by you inside you positive brain.

I am pretty big no one right now. I am sailing in a boat without a map in this sea with no destination in front of me. I don’t know what I am going to do in future, I don’t even know what I am going to do in my summer break but I have not given up and I will keep my brain in positive and constructive structure so that my mind fills with ideas to what I can do and how I can find what to do.

Hope you are healthy and happy. Stay Alive, fren.

Listen:- Ray LaMontangne- Let it be me