Hey fren, thank you for reading my post today as well. I like it when people read my stuff and get a little help out of it because that’s what I want to do. I want to sound crisp, fluent and motivating when I am writing to you and I hope you’ll work wonders and be the best you with every progressing hour.

We sometimes get things that we think we don’t deserved and so we don’t appreciate it and feel we were lucky to get it. Our one-sided brain starts to believe that it was a fluke and never really appreciate what we have done. There were times when we got a lot less than we expected and a lot less than we worked for. I understand that we should feel that we were compensated or either appreciate whole heartedly that we were meant to get what we have.

There are already very few moments when we feel that we were successful and if we unknowingly never lived some of those moments than for where will the positivity come from?

Yesterday I got a chance to place a header in the back of the net which I had never believed was my thing because I was afraid that the ball might hit the spectacles I wear. But as you guessed right, I did it. Yesterday taught me to how overcome fear and make the best out of the opportunity you get. It is simple. Just close your eyes and do the best what you can do.

We just have to believe in ourself and be truthful and have all the confidence in the world and all these things will eventually lead to better way of life. You will begin to find the right resources, persons and opportunities to help you grow.

You are precious. Stay Alive, fren.

Listen:- Melanie Martinez — Mad Hatter