Ephesus tours: 5 great sites to visit in Ephesus

One of turkey’s top draws with its exquisitely beautiful remnants of a city that once was, Ephesus has a girth of options for travelers looking for a quaint and archaeological getaway. Famous for the temple of Artemis which has been mentioned throughout history as among the most beautiful structure among Greco-roman sites, Ephesus is only few kilometers from the Selçuk thus making the city easily accessible.

Ephesus tours for travelers can be custom designed based on the time tourists want to spend in the city. Since Ephesus doesn’t entertain guests overnight owing to the lack of accommodation facilities, a simple halfday expedition tour would be fantastic. While the entire city is an elegant assimilation of grand structures and avenues, here are the top five sites that one mustn’t miss there:

Artemis temple: if historical resources are to be believed then the temple of Artemis was constructed long back in 800 bc. Later on, as the civilization in the city grew with the arrival of Greco roman people, a roman styled temple was built. After facing a near annihilation by Goths after the city was abandoned, Diana’s temple has now become a major tourist attraction in sightseeing ephesus tours for travelers.

The house of virgin Mary: located at the bulbul mountain, the house of virgin Mary has several legends and stories associated with it. Some say that the virgin Mary came here with St. Paul and lived remotely in the mountains while some tell a story about a German nun. A place of great religious significance among all, the house of virgin Mary is visited by several following the Abrahamic religions. 
The basilica of St. John: situated at the Ayasulok hill, the basilica of St. John is another revered site in ephesus that’s visited by tourists. Centuries back, people believed that the site originated in healing dust where St. John lay (they believed him to be not dead but sleeping). Another famous religious and archaeological site, the basilica is a must visit for its monumental grandeur. 
The cave of seven sleepers: several religious accounts state that seven young men came to the cave to pray to avoid persecution and while the emperor Decius had the cave sealed off, they didn’t die. Instead, these young men came fell asleep and got up three centuries later to find that Christianity had become a thriving and followed religion. Another place with extensive religious importance, the cave of seven sleepers is also visited by people with varied religious beliefs. 
Isa bey mosque: constructed during the late 14th century, Isa bey mosque is famous for its magnificent architecture that has roots in Anatolian mosque architecture. The mosque beautifully illustrates the Seljuk style of architecture and is a must visit for anyone looking for a glorious glimpse of the past.

There are several other sites like the beautiful grand theatre of ephesus, the Odeion and the classy terrace houses which were excavated only half a century back. Among the most exuberant open air museum cites of the world, Ephesus doesn’t fail to disappoint with its millennial old history.

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