How to Become a Software Engineer

What does it take to become a software developer? How to get software development experience?

  • Aimee Morgan, a former Stanford University Libraries archivist, enrolled in an online course to learn Python programming language at the age of 35. Now she is a Site Reliability Engineer at Google (San Francisco Bay Area).
  • Clayton Boyle was 36 when he enrolled at RefactorU (10 weeks programming boot camp) to learn MEAN stack for development of software applications (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js). Now Clayton works as a junior software developer for BiggerPockets (a social network for the real estate investing community in Denver, Colorado).
  • Wendy Zenone became a student at Hackbright Academy at 38. Now she is an Associate Application Security Engineer at Lending Club (a kind of EBay for loans) in San Francisco.
  • Bill Barnett enrolled in the University of Cincinnati (Ohio) to study Computer Science at the age of 40. Barnett is now a Co-Founder at Gaslight, a 27-person software development shop in Cincinnati. Once running, he contributed to the company as a server-side developer using Ruby on Rails.
  • Pavol Almasi, at the age of 40, was about to obtain his degree in computer programming at McCann School of Business and Technology (courses included studying C++ Programming, Visual Basic Programming , Java etc.). Now he is a Computer Programmer at Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Companies (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania).
  • 42-year-old Derek Langton started out with watching computer science course videos from MIT and Stanford, and then he switched to watching YouTube tutorials. Now Derek is a self-employed iOS contractor and Director of FFL Startup Accelerator (San Francisco Bay Area).
  • Patricia Ehrhardt signed up for Programming for Everybody (Python). With just months’ worth of training from Coursera, she got a web developer job. After that she found Women Who Code scholarship program. Thanks to that, Patricia landed a full time job as a developer at ePublishing in San Francisco.

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