The Santa Cruz 13 Freed!

Here’s How It All Went Down:

June 20th, 2015:

June 23rd, 2015:

In my view they’ve lost whatever moral high ground they ever had… Tying up this man, falsely imprison him, physically assaulting him — that is absolutely intolerable and I am telling you, I mean to find out from the appropriate authorities what if anything they mean to do about it.

June 24th, 2015:

Mothers and wives of the Santa Cruz 13 wear slings in protest of the injuries their sons and husbands sustained when arrested on June 24th, despite not resisting arrest.

One month later, on July 24th, 2015…

Six Months Later …

Something Tragic Is Happening In Toledo…

Maya mothers from Santa Cruz village standing up for the SC13.

A State That Refuses to Respect the Rule of Law Is Dangerous for All Belizeans

Heavy police presence at the trial of the Santa Cruz 13, on the morning of March 30th, 2015.

But Aren’t Maya Land Rights Constitutionally Protected?

United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, spoke out against political interference in the trial of the SC13, by the Prime Minister, whose public accusations of guilt were levied before the Santa Cruz 13 were even arrested — nevermind convicted.

No Disciplinary Action Has Been Taken Against State Officials Who Failed To Protect The Constitutional Rights of the Maya

Punta Gorda Police searching family members of the Santa Cruz 13, as they enter a public court. Searches like these are unheard of at any court level in Belize. It is unclear who made the order to search family members but the purpose appears to be intimidation.

The Santa Cruz 13 Committed No Crime.

A History of Unreasonable Delay…



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