Marketing ICOs to Regional Groups in India

The Market

  • India does the same amount of pledging as China’s market but China is prohibited from engaging in ICO.
  • India’s nominal year-on-year expenditure growth of 12 per cent, which is more than double the global anticipated rate of 5 per cent, will lead to India becoming the third largest consumer market by 2025.
  • The growing purchasing power and rising influence of the social media have enabled Indian consumers to splurge on good things; the new orientation for lifestyle living is conducive for ICO.

The Challenge

  • The Indian market does not understand the steps to participate in the ICO.
  • Indian investors have unanswered questions and need step by step assistance before they can invest.
Successful ICO projects with major contributions from India

The Approaches

  • Education through content marketing will get you successful pledges from the huge Indian market.
  • Establishment of sales channels: implementation of market entry strategy for ICOs.

The Heads

Yaroslav Belkin

The Head — Yaroslav Belkin

Head of Marketing at Cointelegraph Events; Founder & CEO at Belkin Digital Marketing Agency

  • 10+ years experience in digital marketing with more than 70 projects for world leading brands.
  • Extensive experience in PR and GR, marketing strategy consulting for major European and Asian companies with specialization on Asian regions.
Karnika Yashwant

Regional Head — Karnika Yashwant (Mr. KEY)

Founder & CEO at KEY Difference Media; 4D Strategist; Speaker; Writer

  • 10+ years with Fortune 100 Profits like CISCO and Fortune 100 Non Profits like AJC.
  • Extensive experience in venture capital funding and crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Expertise with Indian Market regional preferences and mindsets.

Low Hanging Fruits

  • Engineering Graduates and Millennials, especially those in IT sector are the top spenders who understand ICO readily and already are on lookout for crypto investments.
  • There is a huge market of people who are trying to invest, but do not know how or what should be done. This SHOULD be capitalized.

Areas of Marketing Focus

  • Searchable information.
  • Simple to understand investment process PDF and other “academy courses”.
  • Unaware and less aware market.
  • Educational/Academy based approach.
  • More branded educational content to create trust and to help create understanding.
  • Large geography with multiple languages.
  • English & Hindi will be used as primary languages.
  • Additional languages are available additionally on request: Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarathi, etc.
  • Promotional Activities.
  • Offline Meetups.
  • Press Meetups.

The Process

  • Regional landing page per language, email funnel and marketing automation to convert subscribers into investors.
  • Total visibility on relevant placements to drive ICO pledges across all relevant channels through paid & organic media. This is essential to ensure that your target audience knows that you are conducting an ICO.
  • Creating branded profiles in 65+ top digital channels and distributing channel specific branded content promoting ICO using videos, audios, infographics, image quotes, articles, pdf, slides, etc..
  • Focusing on all Call To Actions of all digital assets to ICO regional crowd sales page.
  • We work together with your team to drive crowd sales.
  • We design, develop and distribute your campaign assets.
  • Channels include: Google Search, YouTube, Display banners on relevant sites, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Steemit, and more.


All packages include:

  • Unlimited KEY Consulting.
  • Landing Pages Design & Development.
  • All asset designs.
  • Whitepapers & academy content.
  • Handholding from start to finish of ICO process on marketing areas.
  • This fee includes a basic ad management in social media channels. If you’d like increased ads and exposure, additional budgets can be explored.
  • Management & Digital Promotion of meetup is included in package. The cost of meetup is subject to additional charges due to levels of event that could be conducted.
  • Email Sequences and Marketing Automation to engage, re-engage and compel users to join.

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