The Ultimate Telegram Channel Creation Checklist 2017

How to start your Telegram channel:

  • Create a branded channel for main content posting.
  • Make a group chat for the most engaged and active brand followers.
  • Create a chatbot (contact @Botfather for help). Telegram bots nowdays can assist clients with briefs completion, sales and even payments processing.

How to promote your Telegram channel:

  • Add your channel to all catalogs, for example .
  • Find channels with similar or associated topics and send them a request to share information about your channel with their target audience in a form of collaboration. The average percentage of channels that will be happy to work with you should not be less than 20%.
  • Interact with audience of your channel on average once a week. Organize a contest with small gifts or conduct a survey on a hot topic.
  • As soon as you get the first results of growth, you can use mutual promotion of channels. Start maintaining regular communication with other channels with topics that are different from yours. It is quite possible that they will inform their audience about your channel if they like it, and you will be able to agree on mutually beneficial conditions for cross-promotion.
  • Consider a popular channel paid promo as an option. When buying advertisement, pay attention to the audience quality (an average post should get 20–25% views from the total number of subscribers per day), to their content quality as well as to the percentage of published promos.

How to maintain your Telegram Channel:

  • Share only specifically catered content, that is useful to your messenger audience. Unique, ideally.
  • Divide content into categories, form your subscribers habits, develop their expectations. For example, share your views on the industry on Mondays.
  • Take communication to a personal level. Share your experience and your opinion on current actual sphere-related issues related or brand activity.
  • Reduce text and number of links to a bare minimum.
  • Direct sales posts should take not more than 10–15% of the entire content plan and be published at the customary time that is comfortable for your audience, for instance, every Tuesday.
  • While brand news publishing is acceptable, only the most interesting and current ones should be introduced to your Telegram audience! For example, announcement of the serious and large events, revised to meet your channel’s audience content consumption habits, so it would be both comfortable and interesting.

Trust your Telegram marketing to professionals: