How kids are really using the internet and why?

The Article by Alexandra Samuel explains the different ways parents handles their kids use of technology , the three different types of tech users and their culture within todays society. 
He states that there is three different types of users rather than categorising them all under the term ‘Digital natives’, which is a generation of people who are comfortable with technology and computers at an early age and consider technology to be an integral and necessary part of their lives.

Digital orphans is one of the three types of tech users. They were the generation that was given near-unlimited access to the internet with very few conversations about the dangers, how to be aware or the appropriate use. This generation is comfortable and uses the internet as a part of their everyday lives although they weren’t able to be educated on how to use it accordingly due to the lack of their parents knowledge. As a parent of a ‘Digital Orphan’, considering they have been introduced to tech at an early age, how is the parent able to keep their child safe and aware when they don’t have the knowledge or understanding themselves?

Where as Digital Exiles are the opposite extreme, their parents have tried to limit their access and delay their entry into the digital world. This can influence the child to become intense network users because their access has been limited and they feel as though they have been punished, pushing them to use technology with vengeance. 
However, other exiles continue following their parents lead with thought that using science and technology will have moral and social implications on society. Will this be a problem for a growing worlds future?

Digital heirs are the ones who have had knowledge and understanding of knowing how to be internet safe users online because of information and guidance from parents or other mentors. Digital heirs are able to maintain balance with internet access and life because of their awareness and sensitivity to how they custom their “digital footprint”. This is the generation that has impacted the world and how it is changing because they are using technology to their advantage whilst bringing the tech-savvy “maker” orientation into play. Their upskill will impact the future dramatically, although they could face challenges or conflicts with other users because of their higher level of understanding.
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