Offroad & Fitness are similiar in so many ways.

Treat your body to a PreOffroading and/or Preworkout snack/meal
*It is very important that you feed your body for a source of energyā€¦FOOD. Eat food packed with protein and simple carbs. Carbs are easily broken down for energy and the protein helps your muscles keep moving during your climb up a rock when not in your rig or when someone elseā€™s rig is broke down and you have to get out and help them with recoveryā€¦..just like workouts. Best time to eat your meal or snack is 30 minutes to an hour before PreOffroading/Preworkout. An awesome quick go to is peanut butter on toast and a banana.Ā 
Stay hydrated as well when Offroading/Workout. Your body is made up of 50ā€“65% water (adults). You must stay hydrated when Offroading/Working Out. It is the key to optimal results. Water carries lots of nutrients for all over your body. Helps keep the blood flowing, flushes toxins out and helps keep the good energy moving. When you are dehydrated you will cramp up and feel tired or dizzy. Water helps metabolize the fat stored in your body. No water, well Fat stays. Why water is so important. Diet and regular soda drinks are the worst for you to drink for hydration. They are packed with sugar and bad chemicals that actually dehydrate your body. So drink your water to get that fat/toxins moving out of your system. Donā€™t like waterā€¦.well add fruit, vegetables to your water for a hint of flavor or water down a Gatorade or Poweradeā€¦basically use the these as a water flavor. Drink about 2 8 0z glasses of water before heading to the trails or gym. This will help with your goals.

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