Indian women abandoned by husbands.

The women of India it seems are keen, if not desperate, to migrate as they don’t believe that India offers them a future. The United Kingdom is the holy-grail for many of these women, and some Indian men located within the UK are more than happy to exploit this situation for their own short term benefits. Although non-resident Indian men from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States; countries with large Indian populations, are also cashing in. Firstly, an arrangement is made between relatives, the family of the bride to be, must then pay an extraordinary amount of money to cover her dowry. Some families selling their homes to pay the wedding dowry. Although paying a dowry in India has been illegal since 1961, the practice is still common in some parts of the country.

What happens is that the non-resident Indian comes to India, pockets the dowry, has some fun with his new wife and then leaves the country, never to be seen again. Women are left bereft, dealing with abandonment, a possible pregnancy and raising a child on their own, and, because of social stigma are usually unable to remarry.

This situation evolves because, parents in their desire to have their daughters marry an Indian man based in the west, don’t undertake sufficient background checks on their prospective son in laws. It has been speculated that up to 20,000 women have been abandoned by their husbands in India. It is evident that laws need to be change to prevent the continuation of this practice.

The National Commission for Women is planning now more strict rules. Besides, the Indian government was called by the commission to initiate extradition treaties with foreign countries, so that the abusing grooms which can even be found online at some trustworthy Indian dating sites, can be brought back to India and prosecuted.

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