Converting frustration into curiosity

Last weekend at Access Code, Matthew Bunday, an instructor from Dev Bootcamp gave a talk about how programming == Freedom! He talked about how humans are the more of a contraction and computers are synonymous to expansion. Essentially, computers take our code and expand it. As programmers, we need to be patient and have a ‘grit’ attitude and convert our frustration into curiosity.

He conveyed to us that by questioning our frustrations and looking for answers to our questions, it will allows us to draw out our potential. We should “do easy”, which means to establish flow and understand our errors and fix them until it becomes a natural behavior. He motivated us to keep programming our minds to develop mental flexibily.

Someone in the class, asked how can we accomplish this? He said we need to expose ourselves to other people’s code, read it and see their style — how they stay true to themselves. He categorize programming as an art and science of causing change. He inspired me to look at programming as a way to express myself and not just another skill but as means of seeing things in a different perspective.

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