The whys

Today I start my day with lots of whys.

Why do I still hang on to so much of the past?

I seem to wear it like ill fitting clothing that I've out grown and have become so used to feeling the discomfort and pain that I become institutionalized.

How many of the things that hold us back do we cling to while wishing for a someday?

As I wonder along this path of enlightenment my eyes aren't just open to more around me but also to the things and feelings I have been carrying for years.

I look at the extra weight I carry and the realization that it is the same weight I used to be?

Have I really manifested this surrogate self with every pound buffering me from things that cause me pain?

I find that if I get off the merrigoround that is the tight circle of pain hiding guilt pain....... Then I can take a real look at the monster chasing me and I'm surprised to see my own face looking back at me.

Every time we reach in fear or anger we are our own nightmare, we are the fear that chases us down and cripples us.

Every step I take on this journey either in my mind or on the sidewalk I get further away from my past of pain guilt fear and get closer to the great and powerful Oz my inner self.

It's only here I can see no one can hurt us unless we let them. That if we throw our wants and desires out and only nuture others we put our happiness in their hands.

True happiness peace and love has to come from within we must become our own best friend. All the love and support we give without thinking to others has to be what we give to ourselves to nuture and renew us so we can give to others.

When we deny our own wants and needs to give to others we wither inside and it comes out as anger and resentment.


Just asking the question pulls me into curious and shifts my energy.


Like a seed planted in the greenhouse of my soul the true journey begins.

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