What are your I ams today?

I am so tired, pissed, sad, embarrassed, regretful, done, frantic, stressed, hurt, disappointed, lazy, forgetful, cranky?

No wonder you don't want to get out of bed in the morning or get through the day. I bet you spend the day just looking for the shit that will get to you.

I am is a powerful tool but like a hammer it can build a house or it can crush a finger. Which would you rather have swinging for you?

Today be more aware of what follows these words for you and when you hear other people use them.When you catch yourself add a new one to shift that energy back in your favor and cancel it.

I am so grateful,fabulous, strong, loving, caring, supportive, fun, grooving, juiced, excited, empowered, witty, funny, inspiring.

Think of the words of people that have touched and inspire us, of the words you gave as gifts to friends & family as you encouraged and empowerment them when they said negative things about themselves.

Why aren't we saying them to ourselves? Those same words of love we need to be giving to ourselves, nurturing loving and celebrating our own rockin selves because when we vibrating at that level it even effects how others treat us .

Let your I ams be like super vitamins that boost your soul and start your day with making a I am declaration that revs your day not wreaks it.

You got this.