What's the difference between wanting and doing?

Wanting is a longing that is bittersweet and can fuel the doing but isn't a place to stay. It should only be the launching pad, a touchstone to keep you hungry and a its absence should be a sign to relaunch in another direction.

Doing is delicious. It's the groove, the rhythm that brings our wants and desires to life.

Where do you want to be right now, right this second? Not where are right now but where does your soul call you from or to?

Now what are you doing right now, today to really get there?

What is stopping you from doing even a little step in the direction? Is it fear? Is it a voice saying those things don't happen to me?

Every great journey starts with one step in reality. One step everyday shifts that desire into moving energy, creating space for it to arrive.

If you feel a fear or doubt don't pull back lean in and get curious. Really look at it and ask it why? Thank it for showing up and giving you a clue to your deeper self and what has been holding you back.

You will be surprised that once you pull those monsters out into the light and give them a good shake that they look less scary.

If you always wanted to go on a to a trip to Paris what has stopped you from making the reservations? Was it money? How many things have you bought along the way to fill the hole it let in you by not going? How many things do you own that own you? How many of them are right in your closet that if you took them to a consignment shop or had a yard sale or two would pay for that ticket?

Have you ever said " I would give anything to go"? Then what's stopping you? What if you just have up that morning coffee and brewed a cup at home instead? I bet that would cover the hotel.

What are you doing today to stop just wanting?

Start groovin.
Start doing.

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