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Expect parties, performances, politics and pure joy as the 25th edition of EuroPride comes to Stockholm and Gothenburg in the summer of 2018.

I remember the first time I went to Stockholm Pride. It was magical. Sparkles, glitter, costumes, rainbow colours and happy people everywhere. Standing by the cheering sidelines, looking on the train of proud people walking through the capital of Scandinavia I was filled with joy, and a desire to one day join in.

Not that I would have dared to, back then. I was only starting to figure out my sexuality at the time and I told my parents, who very gently asked why I was going, that “I was keen to support human rights”. Which was correct, but not…

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Discover the wilderness of the West coast.

The Bohuslän coast is one of the top ten last great wilderness in the world. That is according to CNN, who are referring to the West coast area stretching from the North of Gothenburg to the South of Norway — and they are right. This gorgeous part of Sweden remains largely undiscovered for many a traveller, who, when thinking of Swedish nature may bring to mind the snowy mountains and vast mountains of Swedish Lapland, the yellow fields of Skåne, or the hugely popular archipelago of Stockholm. …

More and more people are discovering the simple yet exotic flavours of Scandinavia and, whilst many of us have learned how to make our own cinnamon rolls, there is more to Swedish cuisine than “kanelbullar” and meatballs. Here are a few of the Swedish foods you should try this year.


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The Swedish forest is full of super foods. Cloudberries, blueberries, raspberries, wild strawberries, lingonberries… these little parcels of vitamin power are all there, ready for the picking for anyone who so wishes (thanks to the Freedom to Roam you are welcome to go looking for berries and mushrooms wherever you…

Stockholm is a design lover’s mecca as well as a haven for LGBT travellers. Combine the two and you find a cool queer capital like no other.

From traditional handicraft to cutting edge trends, the capital of Sweden does not disappoint when it comes to style and inspiration. What’s more, it is a very progressive destination. Shop fronts questioning gender norms and society’s expectations are a common sight here and whether you stroll the streets of Östermalm, Södermaln or any of the other districts, you will be surrounded by a love for art, innovation and gender equality. Let us guide you around the city.


Start your shopping trip in style. Get off at Östermalmstorg tube station to browse flagship stores of international brands such as Gucci, Louis…

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The capital of West Sweden is a booming design destination. Here are a few of the shops you should visit.

Whether you are after fast fashion, high end boutiques or unique handicraft, Gothenburg and its many distinct neighbourhoods offers a fantastic shopping experience. Hit one of the central shopping malls; try Nordstan or Arkaden Galleria, or traditional Nordiska Kompaniet and you’ll find a great mix of styles — but do make sure you check out these local gems, too:


Founded in 2004, this Gothenburg brand has gone from underdog to firm fashion favourite on the Swedish denim scene. …


Once the original food container, now a Swedish design must, we take a look at how a 19th century ceramic vessel came to inspire some of Sweden’s most used crockery sets.

Located on the Kullabygden peninsula in Skåne sits the small harbour town of Höganäs. It’s a gorgeous spot in Sweden’s Southwestern region well worth a visit for its scenery alone, but the reason most Swedes know it is because of its artistic heritage and pottery.

Höganäskruset (literally the Höganäs vessel), is synonymous with Swedish design. Practical, bold and stylish, this salt glazed ceramic vessel, once used to preserve foods…


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Swedish Lapland is the home of the midnight sun, the Northern Lights and the indigenous Sami people, who have lived in the Arctic region for thousands of years.

Today they form an integral part of Swedish society, whilst still celebrating their own rich culture and tradition, inspired by the elements around us.

This is evident not least in traditional Sami design. The clothing is as distinctly colourful as it is stunning and includes reindeer hide shoes and gloves as well as the traditional kolt costume, where each region has its own variation. …

Sarek National Park. Image: Anders Ekholm/Folio/

Few places in this world will leave you feeling as one with nature as Swedish Lapland.

Spanning 42 thousand square miles from the very North of Scandinavia, touching both Norway and Finland, Lapland’s vast and mountainous landscapes make up approximately one quarter of Sweden— and the scenery is stunning. Depending on what time of year you go, the distinct seasons will grace these grounds, on which reindeer, lynx and Arctic fox roam free, with deep winter snow, rich spring greenery, never-setting summer sunshine or a canvas of autumn colours.

Whether you are here to take on the world famous hiking adventure King’s Trail, roam through Sarek National Park, ski or go foraging, Lapland’s nature will take…

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No trip to Stockholm is complete with a visit to the archipelago. Let me guide you to some of my favourite spots…

“Stockholm i mitt hjärta, Stockholm in my heart — a city of islands, that is you.” Those are the words by Lasse Berghagen that fill the air every Tuesday summer night as thousands of people, gathered at open air museum Skansen for the popular singalong TV show Allsång på Skansen, take tune. …

Bella Qvist

A queer girl living in Stockholm. Former Travel Editor at DIVA Magazine.

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