Staging a Comeback

I am back on Medium like I never was here. Because I never really was. I had a profile a la Twitter but i never got up to actually posting anything despite the fact that I have always loved writing. I had a diary as a secondary school student. In it I scribbled and documented things my friends, siblings and I said and did. I wrote about boys too but I never put their real names. Every person had a codename (kidsnextdoor) - I couldn’t help it.

Tip: Journal/Diary keeping brethren, write everyone’s name correctly or backwards at the most. You will forget when you’re much older and be too impatient to try to remember who you were referring to. I digress.

So I wrote about school, puppy juvenile love, Church, Boys, family issues, the whole shabang. Once I wrote about how I wasn’t sure mum was my mum because I got the most chores at home.

Now I am grown. Many online and offline publications later. Have an actual job. Cofounder at a pretty successful media company. Editor — go figure. Some award nominations here and there. One win. Bsc in an envelope somewhere inside the house; kept by my mum. Same amazing woman. Wiser. More exposed. More sensitive. Mobile. Still sappy but a lot more selective of what I choose to write about. Specifically what I choose to remember or discard altogether. Not that the things I wrote as a younger me were out of line but they weren’t things I wanted everyone to see. Which was why I coded practically everything and everyone in the dangone diary. All I want is to be a better writer and I hear the more you write the better you get. So I might not have been on Medium all these years but I have written a fair lot. And so I’m back to share more and learn more so you also benefit. It’s a win-win situation for both of us ( I’m still working on the name department. I have a penchant for names. I either fully name my subject or mystify them). Pray for me.

Why “Medium”, Bella?

From 140 character posts on Twitter to Instagram pictures, videos and captions straight from the heart, Snapchat filters and Facebook reactions, I am staging a comeback here so I can exhaust every Medium (😎🙌) to tell stories I was too ashamed to share years ago plus the many new ones I concoct from the news (fake and fact, haha) to life as a millenial, among other things.

Though right now, my instincts tell me this is my diary still. Sorta.

This life is just #&!£@$÷!*. I hope you’ll be reading.

*Symbols adults use when they want to swear but do not want anyone to hear or see.

Feels a lot like dejavu.

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