Resident Evil 7: Too Creepy to Review

If only I could be brave enough to play this game

I love scary movies but I hated playing RE7. I mean, OK fine. I actually really liked it. I was completely immersed in the experience and I stayed on the edge of my seat the entire time. But the thing is, the game was just too creepy. Playing games like RE7 is nothing like watching scary movies. I actually had something on the line here. I can’t just laugh off the fright. I WAS the person in the game. I needed to stay alive.

What I realized was that even though you’re really just looking at a screen, there’s still a huge difference between the movie experience and the gaming experience. With movies, there is still a fourth wall that shields you — the audience — from the actual storyline. Just by playing this game, I’m sure my body saw a huge spike in cortisol and I’ve probably aged myself by a few years.

Anyways, here’s my reaction to the game.

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