The LEAF bracelet — uncomplicated

If you’re reading this, chances are you own the LEAF and you have trouble putting on your bracelet the right way. Most of us have been there and it did seem quite complicated at first, so we’re here now to show you it’s actually pretty simple — once you figure out the catch.

So, what’s the catch? Let’s take you step by step and figure it out.

Here you can see the process explained with photos and below you will find a detailed step by step guide how to transform your LEAF into a pretty bracelet.

The first thing you need to do is attach the metal clip to the large hoop at the top of the LEAF.

The bracelet clip is quite easy to open, you can just press it onto the LEAF and it should open slightly on its own (no fear of broken nails or chipped nail polish).

Once the LEAF is in the bracelet mode, it’s time to put it on your wrist, like this.

You can turn it any way you like, so just do it whichever way feels more natural. Once the LEAF is on your wrist, wrap the leather strap around it two times.

Got it so far? Good. The next thing is a bit tricky — you need to put the other end of the bracelet through the other loop from the underside (the loop is located on the outer corner of the LEAF).

The tricky part is the fact that you might not get it right the first time, but you’ll get it right. You can pull the end of the bracelet with your fingers or ask someone for help (one of the colleagues used her teeth which was fun to watch).

Now that the strap is through, you’re almost done! Pull it so that the bracelet feels firmly in place, turn your wrist a bit and attach the bracelet to the hole that feels like the best fit. One more step and you’re set!

Guide the leather ring over the strap to hold in place. You can loop the extra strap back through the leather ring.

That’s it, your LEAF is now a bracelet, and a pretty one as well! There’s one more really important thing left to do now — enjoy your LEAF!

Your Bellabeat Team