We believe the most invaluable gift in life is our health. It is this notion that drives our vision. Our greatest ambition is to make health affordable to every person on the planet. To us, affordable means accessible and understandable knowledge.

We started our journey with beautifully designed and connected wellness products that have encouraged people to take the first steps toward a healthier life. Now, with a database of over 300 billion different data sets from our users including active time, sleep, menstrual cycles, meditation, stress and other, we asked ourselves — What if we put all this data to work for you?

And so, we are building Airi.

Airi is a truly human interface. A conversational intelligence built on high-quality data sets that will help you get healthier. Airi can help you in many aspects of your life, from solving postnatal depression to getting you in shape. Airi learns from your interactions and grows smarter and faster than any system of its kind on the planet.

Airi is now in a closed beta phase. We will be rolling in hundreds of new users every week. Join our wait list to be part of this journey.