Gallery Update!

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post/update on the gallery reception! As I am sure you are all aware, and scurrying to complete, all of the gallery images should be shot by next Tuesday’d meeting at 5pm in order to go over them with Agnie, and excitingly enough to be selected to be published in the Web Magazine under our own Image Arts Gallery Exhibition page!

That’s right! we got it! We will have our very out page on the web magazine about the Gallery, about us (the artists), and our pieces (the art). This page will showcase bits and pieces of ‘Resilience’ as well as exclusive interviews with a few of our own. The piece will showcase a grid of artists (the portraits that were taking 2 weeks ago), and will show some artists inform underneath.

The first few web posts will be the interviews conducted with the class we intend on using 3 out of the 5 interviews conducted, unless we can find extra space. Then we will post 2 blasts over the beginning 2 weeks of April featuring Image previews of what can be expected at our ‘Resilience Gallery.’

As far as the other products are concerned, we have yet to figure out the print advertisement or if there will even be one. We have created a draft invitation that will approved this week and send out to few special guests that will be invited as well as a few per student (so start thinking of your short list!). There will be web invitations as well so don’t worry, we can invite any and all our special others (family, friends, photographers, and more. Bring everyone to show off your hard work!)

The marketing team and I are developing a poster as well as a variety of advertisements for the social media promotions. We also plan to travel to High Schools in the area, and invite young photographers and to spread the word.

As far as the Reception itself:

Entertainment — Art comes first, so in order to maintain focus on the productions of our hard work, we have decided to chose Jazz musicians to come and play in the background, as an accompanying tune to our show. We are finalizing our plan for food, but would like to have servers circling the gallery to ensure our guests can enjoy our art, rather than hovering around a buffet of food.

Decor will be handled mainly by Mariah, Anne and I and will be as cost-conscious as possible to maintian our tight budget. We will be using a few DIY’s to keep our costs down while maintaining an elegant look. Any ideas are welcome.

*IMPORTANT* — WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! Anyone with anyone willing to volunteer to help during our reception, please contact us!

Contact Me, Anne or Mariah with any help or volunteer information.


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